Double Chocolate Chunk Oreo Cookies (Cookies and Cream Cookies)


     Do you ever run across a recipe, decide to try it though you’re skeptical, and end up discovering something amazing?  That happened to me!  Okay, let me first explain why I was skeptical about these double chocolate chunk Oreo cookies (or cookies and cream cookies, as I like to call them.)

     My first doubt arose from putting a cookie in a cookie (I know!  I know!  Cookie-stuffed cookies are all over Pinterest, and everyone says they are amazing.  I’m a learning-by-doing kind of person.  I needed to try it for myself to actually believe the hype.  Technically, though, I haven’t yet tried the real Oreo-stuffed cookies, but I’m getting off track here.).  Why would a completely baked and ready to eat cookie taste good re-baked into a different cookie?  Wouldn’t the Oreos burn?  Wouldn’t they get really dry?  They’re so delicious by themselves, why not just eat them plain?!?  You know why you shouldn’t eat them plain?  It’s because they don’t burn or get dry and taste even better when encapsulated in cookie dough and chocolate chips.  That’s why!

     My second doubt arose from the fact that these cookies are made with shortening and not butter.  I’m a hardcore baking-with-butter fan.  Double chocolate chunk Oreo cookies have changed my mind about exclusively using butter in cookies, though.  The cookies were soft on the inside yet light and crisp on the outside.  Plus, the cookies underwent this strange change.

     You know how usually if cookies last more than a day and a half, they begin to get kind of tough?  These cookies changed texture just a little to become crisper.  It’s strange, but it’s true.  Now, I’m not talking about crunchy, here.  I don’t do crunchy cookies.  I’m talking about a delicious, buttery (ironic) crispness.  Maybe this phenomenon, though, was just a result of the humidity level in the kitchen that week.  The moral of the story is that these cookies are amazing right out of the oven and also amazing a few days later.

     Please, try these cookies.  It’s hard to explain how delectable the combination of Oreos, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chunks really is.  If you need any convincing, let me just say that these cookies disappeared very quickly!  These are the kind of cookies that make it hard to eat just one!

     I made the double chocolate chunk Oreo cookies a couple of weeks ago, and I feel like I had a couple of notes about what I did that I wanted to share.  I’ve made so many things since then, though, that my cookie-recipe-overloaded brain is having a hard time recalling them.  I believe that they were as follows:

1.       I, as usual, chopped up a white chocolate baking bar since I can never find real white chocolate chips.  I believe I used a whole four ounce bar.

2.       I quartered the Oreos for my first batch and stirred them by hand into the dough so that they wouldn’t get broken up into pieces.  These chunks actually seemed a little too big to me in the finished product.  I had large fragments of Oreos jutting out the tops and sides of the cookies.  For my second batch, I put the quartered Oreos into the bowl of the mixer.  The paddle broke them down into smaller pieces, which I liked better.

3.       Ummm….

4.       I turned my oven down between the 325˚ and 350˚ marks on the oven knob.  My oven runs kind of hot, though.

     Happy baking and go check out Bakergirl’s blog.  I’m not trying to be bossy, but I really think you’ll be happy if you do!  The things I’ve tried from her blog so far (chocolate chip espresso bars and the double chocolate chunk Oreo cookies) have been fabulous.  I can’t wait to try more!



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