Cookies ‘n’ Cream Chocolate Blossoms


     Who knew that Hershey’s sells cookies ‘n’ cream kisses?  I was surprised and elated when I discovered them at the store the other day.  As soon as I saw my favorite Hershey’s candy bar flavor packaged in a kiss, I knew exactly what I had to do with them.  I had to bake them into chocolate blossoms.

     At home, I searched around on the internet until I found a good-looking chocolate blossom recipe.  I went ahead and made a batch of them.  While they were definitely good, they weren’t quite what I wanted.  A did a few tweaks that made them exactly what I had envisioned.

      I melted six ounces of semisweet chocolate chips and stirred two teaspoons of espresso granules into them.  While the chocolate cooled, I creamed the butter and sugars.  Then, I beat in the melted chocolate.  After that, I mixed in the eggs, milk, and vanilla.  Instead of adding a teaspoon of vanilla, I went crazy and added a whole tablespoon (I’m wild like that).

     The above things are the only deviations I made from the recipe.  I will highly suggest, though, that you make the cookies with Dutch processed cocoa powder if you can find it.  I made a batch with natural cocoa powder and a batch with Dutch processed.  The cookies made with Dutch processed cocoa had a smoother, fuller-bodied taste.  The ones made with natural cocoa were still extremely yummy, but they just didn’t have as finished a taste as the other ones.  Either way, though, these cookies are delicious, especially with the sweet, slightly crunchy cookies ‘n’ cream kiss in the center.


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