White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies


     Hello!  I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, but I have a new cookie recipe absolutely too fabulous to keep to myself.  Let’s skip the catch-up chitchat (Chit chat?  Chit-chat?) and just talk.  Let’s talk about white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

     Have you ever had Subway’s white chocolate macadamia nut cookies?  Are they your favorite part about going to Subway?  Well, forget about them!  I, too, am a lover of Subway’s cookies (Oddly enough, they are some of the very few store bought cookies I like), but Subway’s cookies have never caused my eyes to roll back into my head in bliss.  I’ve never exclaimed,

     “Oh. My. Gosh,” after the first bite of one of their cookies.  Just please make these.  You’ll know what I mean!

     These white chocolate macadamia nut cookies are buttery and crispy around the corners but tender in the middle.  They are vanilla-y and white chocolate-y and nutty.  Actually, macadamia nuts have kind of a mild flavor.  I guess these aren’t super nutty after all.  They’re pleasantly nutty, though.  I’m getting off on a tangent.  I apologize.

     All you need is one bite of a cookie to make you want the whole batch pan.  Let’s not forget how they make your house smell, too.  Two different people came to the house while I was baking these and immediately exclaimed,

     “Wow!  It smells amazing in here!”  When I offered them a cookie, they both had the same eyes-rolling-into-the-back-of-their-heads reaction that I did.  Success!

     I baked up a batch of room temperature dough and a batch of dough that had been refrigerated overnight.  While I found it easier to gauge the doneness of the room temperature dough cookies, the refrigerated dough cookies baked up golden, craggy, and visibly bursting with white chocolate and macadamia nuts.  Baked both ways, the cookies taste fantastic.  I personally liked how the chilled-dough cookies looked better, but the other ones were still extremely pretty.  They were just smoother and not as tell-tale of the glory hidden inside of them.

     I baked the chilled-dough cookies until they were golden brown around the edges and had patches of golden brown on top.  The tops had a shiny, done-looking crust that held up when pressed lightly with my fingertip.  I could still feel some softness underneath.  In my oven (turned down a little over twenty-five degrees), I ended up baking each pan for about ten and a half minutes, rotating the pan halfway through.

     I baked the room-temperature dough cookies until they were golden around the edges and lightly golden on top with darker patches beginning to turn golden brown.  When pressed lightly, they felt puffy and soft.  Each pan spent about nine minutes in the oven, getting rotated about halfway through baking.

     I know (at least around my house) macadamia nuts can sometimes be a little hard to track down.  I found Diamond chopped macadamia nuts sold in ½ cup packages in the baking aisle at Target.  Even though the nuts were already chopped, I ended up chopping them a little more since some of the nuts appeared to be whole.  I also, as always, bought three (four ounce) white chocolate baking bars and roughly chopped them instead of using the “white” chips sold at my supermarket.

     I could continue to enumerate on the deliciousness of these cookies, but, as Briscoe Darling would say, eating speaks louder than words.  These white chocolate macadamia cookies are disappearing fast!


Chocolate, Chocolate, White Chocolate Chip Cookies



     Hello, all!  Yesterday was the official end of summer.  While I’m sad to see that season go until next year, I’m way more excited for fall baking than I probably should be.  Right now I have a pan of pumpkin pie bars cooling on the counter, and the house is filled with an amazing, buttery, spicy smell.  Each season has its own style of food.  To me, fall is pies and bars, pumpkin and apple, cinnamon and spice.  Just thinking about it makes me want to curl up with a mug of tea, a blanket, and Betsy’s Wedding.

     Now, with all this talk about fall and spices, you might be lead to believe that I’m going to post a fall recipe.  Well, I’m not.  These chocolate, chocolate, white chocolate chip cookies, though, are perfect for anytime of the year.  Before I go any further, I would like to say how much I love the Pioneer Woman’s blog!  Her recipes are delicious (and almost always full of butter—the best kind!).  Anyway, these cookies are like a chocolate explosion.  Yum, yum, YUM!  My only note I’d like to add is that I used chopped white chocolate instead of chips.  Mmm, I want some of these cookies right now!

Double Chocolate Chunk Oreo Cookies (Cookies and Cream Cookies)


     Do you ever run across a recipe, decide to try it though you’re skeptical, and end up discovering something amazing?  That happened to me!  Okay, let me first explain why I was skeptical about these double chocolate chunk Oreo cookies (or cookies and cream cookies, as I like to call them.)

     My first doubt arose from putting a cookie in a cookie (I know!  I know!  Cookie-stuffed cookies are all over Pinterest, and everyone says they are amazing.  I’m a learning-by-doing kind of person.  I needed to try it for myself to actually believe the hype.  Technically, though, I haven’t yet tried the real Oreo-stuffed cookies, but I’m getting off track here.).  Why would a completely baked and ready to eat cookie taste good re-baked into a different cookie?  Wouldn’t the Oreos burn?  Wouldn’t they get really dry?  They’re so delicious by themselves, why not just eat them plain?!?  You know why you shouldn’t eat them plain?  It’s because they don’t burn or get dry and taste even better when encapsulated in cookie dough and chocolate chips.  That’s why!

     My second doubt arose from the fact that these cookies are made with shortening and not butter.  I’m a hardcore baking-with-butter fan.  Double chocolate chunk Oreo cookies have changed my mind about exclusively using butter in cookies, though.  The cookies were soft on the inside yet light and crisp on the outside.  Plus, the cookies underwent this strange change.

     You know how usually if cookies last more than a day and a half, they begin to get kind of tough?  These cookies changed texture just a little to become crisper.  It’s strange, but it’s true.  Now, I’m not talking about crunchy, here.  I don’t do crunchy cookies.  I’m talking about a delicious, buttery (ironic) crispness.  Maybe this phenomenon, though, was just a result of the humidity level in the kitchen that week.  The moral of the story is that these cookies are amazing right out of the oven and also amazing a few days later.

     Please, try these cookies.  It’s hard to explain how delectable the combination of Oreos, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chunks really is.  If you need any convincing, let me just say that these cookies disappeared very quickly!  These are the kind of cookies that make it hard to eat just one!

     I made the double chocolate chunk Oreo cookies a couple of weeks ago, and I feel like I had a couple of notes about what I did that I wanted to share.  I’ve made so many things since then, though, that my cookie-recipe-overloaded brain is having a hard time recalling them.  I believe that they were as follows:

1.       I, as usual, chopped up a white chocolate baking bar since I can never find real white chocolate chips.  I believe I used a whole four ounce bar.

2.       I quartered the Oreos for my first batch and stirred them by hand into the dough so that they wouldn’t get broken up into pieces.  These chunks actually seemed a little too big to me in the finished product.  I had large fragments of Oreos jutting out the tops and sides of the cookies.  For my second batch, I put the quartered Oreos into the bowl of the mixer.  The paddle broke them down into smaller pieces, which I liked better.

3.       Ummm….

4.       I turned my oven down between the 325˚ and 350˚ marks on the oven knob.  My oven runs kind of hot, though.

     Happy baking and go check out Bakergirl’s blog.  I’m not trying to be bossy, but I really think you’ll be happy if you do!  The things I’ve tried from her blog so far (chocolate chip espresso bars and the double chocolate chunk Oreo cookies) have been fabulous.  I can’t wait to try more!


Happy Cookies (White Chocolate Snickerdoodles)


     I’ve really been trying to get this posted, but I’ve also been really busy this week.  Finally, though, I am getting this up.  Oh, and happy Fourth of July!

     Last night I made white chocolate snickerdoodles.  They turned out extremely tasty!  When I was mixing up the cinnamon-sugar to coat the cookies in, I do have to admit that the cinnamon smell seemed very out of place on July first.  For me, that smell of cinnamon belongs more on October first.  Cinnamon evokes thoughts of apple pies and holidays.  However, I pushed past the feeling that I was being transported to fall and made these cookies.  I have to say, July first, October first, April first—anytime is a good time to make these!  My dad even said that they were really good, and he normally doesn’t like snickerdoodles.

     The snickerdoodles were soft and moist on the inside and packed with vanilla flavor.  The sweet cinnamon coating perfectly rounded out the flavors of the cookies.  I tried rolling some in just granulated sugar.  While they were still very good, they just didn’t have the same warm, happy quality, if that makes any sense.

     I was a little worried that the white chocolate would clash with the cinnamon, but the flavors blended seamlessly.  I really couldn’t pick out the white chocolate in the cookies.  It just kind of became a part of the cookie.

      Now, my grocery store doesn’t sell white chocolate chips.  They only sell “white” chips that don’t have cocoa butter in them.  Instead of using these imposters, I bought white chocolate baking bars and roughly chopped them.  Just to note: the recipe calls for two cups of white chocolate chips.  Two cups of chopped white chocolate is about eleven or twelve ounces of white chocolate.

     So, go check these out.  These are fun cookies to share with family and neighbors.  I gave away three plates of these today and received plenty of smiles in return.  If I could, I’d give you a plate, too.